Facelift for the 2016 Clio R.S.

After the wise versions, it’s time for restyling of the most turbulent of Clios, the RS.

A facelift that is characterized mainly by its additional optical shaped checkered flag, and the arrival of a new Akrapovic Trophy on release.

After the concept RS16 and its “big” 2-liter Mégane engine, Clio R.S. gets more concrete. It reveals its restyled version, which remains yet true to its 1.6 turbo direct injection. However, there is a good element borrowed from the design study presented at the last Monaco Grand Prix: its additional optical shaped checkered flag, located in the front bumper. Fitted with diodes, these projectors would act as fog lamps, position lamps, lighting the inside of bends and long-range projectors. A hell of a program. Actually they constitute the best way to detect the facelift for the rest very discreet, despite the arrival of original 18-inch wheels and inner taillights reviewed.

Technically, it’s also pretty quiet. Only the Trophy version always rewarded with 220 hp and with specific chassis settings, takes advantage of a new exhaust, provided by the Akrapovic specialist. Clio R.S. “classic” retains its 200 hp and always a choice between two typing of suspension. While the dual-clutch six EDC reports still imposed, to the dismay of some purists. And for those looking for a dynamic look without wanting a real sport, Renault reintroduced to catalog a package named GT-Line, which borrows some interior and exterior styling cues to R.S. while being compatible with very wise engines.


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