Audi A5 a Familiar Face with a New Body…


In a body that may seem familiar, the new A5 hides below  multiple technical changes. Its coupe is the first to disembark, and it even offers to immediately discover his sporting version S5.

First model to bear the signature of Walter de’Silva in the Volkswagen Group, the A5 coupe is the pride of the famous designer, which sometimes described as his finest creation. Its second generation, just unveiled, could therefore only be part of the continuity of the make. If the lines seem immediately familiar, yet the changes are numerous, including aesthetically. A rib now undulates along the sides, the hood is crafted with sculptures and some mirrors migrate towards the top end of the doors. Not to mention exceptional headlights, which can be fitted with optional Matrix LED technology, used to drive the diodes individually to optimize the light beam.

Far from being a simple restyling, the new A5 is based on the recent MLB Evo platform, already used on the Q7 and A4. The engines of this coupé are still disposed longitudinally, but its weight would is lower than sixty kilos. The more stretched wheelbase and greater overall length of 4.67 m should also help to better accommodate rear passengers, even if the future five-door Sportback will necessarily be more generous on this point. As for the dashboard of the A5, it is still shared with the A4, as are many technologies available such as: Virtual Cockpit instrumentation by replacing a widescreen 12.3-inch customizable HUD, regulator active Cruise usable even in traffic jams, helps to maintain the queue … Quattro promises less penalizing consumption than before , but only on four-cylinder versions.

The S5 version proposed early

Launched in the fall, the new A5 will be immediately available in S5 sports version. With the same turbocharged V6 used in the S4, developping 354 hp and combined with an automatic eight gears. This engine should host at least a hundred horses to fit the future RS5, featured in an exquisite aggressive look. The engine range will include a variety of petrol engines which will run on four-cylinder Atkinson cycle 2.0 TFSI 190 hp and 252 hp variation of this engine.


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